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NWDOA: A proud history and an exciting future!

The Northwest Door & Operator Association (NWDOA) has been a part of the independent and franchise dealers world since 1980.  NWDOA was formed by a group of local dealers that knew power came by joining together as a unified group to discuss key issues that affected dealers in the Pacific Northwest.

The NWDOA monitors issues effecting Idaho, Oregon and Washington dealers specifically.  NWDOA is governed by a board of directors, each of whom is directly involved with a dealership or industry manufacturer representing these 3 states.  Our goal is to raise the professionalism of the overhead door industry by providing educational opportunities and industry-specific information in a timely manner to our members.

NWDOA serves the independent dealer through education, membership benefits and trade shows. Through the collective power of the entire membership, money-saving benefits are possible that dealers could not enjoy on an individual basis.
Your fellow dealers who are members of the NWDOA urge you to visit the membership page and join this historical and valuable association.